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CMS 2013, 2014 & 2016 Selections All Project Profiles | Science Team Members

CMS 2016 Selections Projects | Science Team Members

CMS 2014 Selections Projects | Science Team Members

CMS 2013 Selections Projects | Science Team Members

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CMS Phase 1 (2010-2012) Projects | Science Team Members

CMS Science Definition Team (2011-2012) Projects | Science Team Members

15 CMS 2016 Projects (view all project profiles)

Science Team MembersProject Title   (view profile)
Baccini, Alessandro Baccini-01: Time-Series Measurements of Biomass Change from InSAR (TanDEM-X), MODIS, and LiDAR Observations (view)
Cochrane, Mark Cochrane-02: Continuation and expansion to a national-scale of the filling a critical gap in Indonesia's national carbon monitoring, reporting, and verification capabilities for supporting REDD+ activities: Incorporating, quantifying and locating fire emissions from within tropical peat-swamp forests project (view)
Cook, Bruce 
Andersen, Hans 
Cook-B-03: Remote Sensing as a Bridge to Operational Forest Carbon Monitoring in Interior Alaska (view)
Duren, Riley Duren-03: Prototype methane monitoring system for California (view)
Elvidge, Chris 
Zhizhin, Mikhail 
Elvidge-01: Global monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) system for carbon emissions from natural gas flaring (view)
Escobar, Vanessa 
Masek, Jeffrey (Jeff) 
Escobar-02: CMS Applications: Stakeholder Engagement and Analysis of CMS Data Products in Decision Making and Policy Frameworks (view)
Fatoyinbo, Temilola (Lola) 
Duncanson, Laura 
Neuenschwander, Amy 
Fatoyinbo-02: Future Mission Fusion for High Biomass Forest Carbon Accounting (view)
Izaurralde, Roberto (Cesar) 
Bandaru, Varaprasad (Prasad) 
Izaurralde-02: Cropland Carbon Monitoring System (CCMS): A satellite-based system to estimate carbon fluxes on U.S. Croplands (view)
Kawa, Stephan (Randy) Kawa-03: Airborne Eddy Flux Measurements for Validation/Evaluation of High-Resolution MRV Systems (view)
Kennedy, Robert Kennedy-02: Tools to bridge the gap between static CMS maps, models, and stakeholders (view)
Lin, John Lin-03: Towards a Complex Terrain Carbon Monitoring System (CMS-Mountains): Development and Testing in the Western U.S. (view)
Miller, John 
Basu, Sourish 
Miller-J-03: Disaggregating Amazon Basin fire fluxes using remote sensing of atmospheric carbon monoxide and burned area (view)
Nehrkorn, Thomas Nehrkorn-02: Prototype regional carbon monitoring systems for urban regions (view)
Olofsson, Pontus Olofsson-01: Tracking carbon emissions and removals by time series analysis of the land surface: prototype application in tropical MRV systems compliant with IPCC Tier 3 (view)
Saatchi, Sassan 
Bloom, A. Anthony 
Bowman, Kevin 
Yu, Yifan 
Saatchi-03: Annual GHG Inventory and MRV System for the US Forestlands (view)


15 CMS 2014 Projects (view all project profiles)

Science Team MembersProject Title   (view profile)
Andrews, Arlyn 
Hu, Lei 
Michalak, Anna 
Miller, John 
Andrews-03: Regional Inverse Modeling in North and South America for the NASA Carbon Monitoring System (view)
Baker, David Baker-01: A Global High-Resolution Atmospheric Data Assimilation System for Carbon Flux Monitoring and Verification (view)
Bowman, Kevin 
Gurney, Kevin 
Henze, Daven 
Huntzinger, Deborah 
Liu, Junjie 
Menemenlis, Dimitris 
Bowman-02: Continuation of the CMS-Flux Pilot Project (view)
Fatoyinbo, Temilola (Lola) 
Lagomasino, David 
Fatoyinbo-01: Total Carbon Estimation in African Mangroves and Coastal Wetlands in Preparation for REDD and Blue Carbon Credits (view)
Ganguly, Sangram 
Milesi, Cristina 
Nemani, Ramakrishna (Rama) 
Ganguly-01: Reducing Uncertainties in Satellite-Derived Forest Aboveground Biomass Estimates Using a High Resolution Forest Cover Map (view)
Greenberg, Jonathan Greenberg-01: Reducing Uncertainties in Estimating California's Forest Carbon Stocks (view)
Hudak, Andrew (Andy) 
Kennedy, Robert 
Hudak-01: Prototyping A Methodology To Develop Regional-Scale Forest Aboveground Biomass Carbon Maps Predicted From Landsat Time Series, Trained From Field and Lidar Data Collections, And Independently Validated With FIA Data (view)
Hurtt, George 
DeCola, Philip (Phil) 
Dolan, Katelyn 
Dubayah, Ralph 
Hurtt-03: High-Resolution Carbon Monitoring and Modeling: Continuing Prototype Development and Deployment (view)
Jacob, Daniel 
Bowman, Kevin 
Jacob-02: High-Resolution Constraints on North American and Global Methane Sources Using Satellites (view)
Lohrenz, Steven (Steve) 
Tian, Hanqin 
Lohrenz-05: An Integrated Terrestrial-Coastal Ocean Observation and Modeling Framework for Carbon Management Decision Support (view)
Morton, Douglas (Doug) Morton-01: Long-Term Carbon Consequences of Amazon Forest Degradation (view)
Ott, Lesley 
Collatz, George (Jim) 
Kawa, Stephan (Randy) 
Oda, Tomohiro (Tom) 
Poulter, Benjamin (Ben) 
Ott-01: GEOS-Carb II: Delivering Carbon Flux and Concentration Products Based on the GEOS Modeling System (view)
Walker, Wayne Walker-W-01: Direct Measurement of Aboveground Carbon Dynamics in Support of Large-Area CMS Development (view)
Williams, Christopher (Chris) 
Gu, Huan 
Poulter, Benjamin (Ben) 
Williams-C-01: Translating Forest Change to Carbon Emissions/Removals Linking Disturbance Products, Biomass Maps, and Carbon Cycle Modeling in a Comprehensive Carbon Monitoring Framework (view)
Windham-Myers, Lisamarie 
Byrd, Kristin 
Holmquist, James 
Simard, Marc (Mac) 
Windham-Myers-01: Linking Satellite and Soil Data to Validate Coastal Wetland 'Blue Carbon' Inventories: Upscaled Support for Developing MRV and REDD+ Protocols (view)


17 CMS 2013 Projects (view all project profiles)

For an overview of all CMS 2013 data & products, see CMS Data & Products Fact Sheet.

Science Team MembersProject Title   (view profile)
Asrar, Ghassem 
West, Tristram (Tris) 
Asrar-West-04: Carbon Monitoring of Agricultural Lands: Developing a Globally Consistent Estimate of Carbon Stocks and Fluxes (view)
Cochrane, Mark 
Saharjo, Bambang 
Yokelson, Bob 
Cochrane-01: Filling a Critical Gap in Indonesia's National Carbon Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification Capabilities for Supporting REDD+ Activities: Incorporating, Quantifying and Locating Fire Emissions from Within Tropical Peat-swamp Forests (view)
Cohen, Warren 
Andersen, Hans 
Domke, Grant 
Moisen, Gretchen 
Schroeder, Todd 
Cohen-02: An Historically Consistent and Broadly Applicable MRV System Based on Lidar Sampling and Landsat Time-series (Tested in the US, and applied to the US NGHGI reporting system) (view)
Collatz, George (Jim) Collatz-02: Improving and extending CMS land surface carbon flux products including estimates of uncertainties in fluxes and biomass (view)
Dubayah, Ralph 
Hurtt, George 
Swatantran, Anuradha (Anu) 
Zhao, Maosheng 
Dubayah-04: Development of a Prototype MRV System to Support Carbon Ecomarket Infrastructure in Sonoma County (view)
Dubey, Manvendra (Dubey) Dubey-01: Off-the-shelf Commercial Compact Solar FTS for CO2 and CH4 Observations for MRV (view)
Duren, Riley 
Gurney, Kevin 
Saatchi, Sassan 
Woodall, Christopher (Chris) 
Duren-01: Understanding user needs for carbon monitoring information (view)
Escobar, Vanessa Escobar-01: Applications of the NASA Carbon Monitoring System: Engagement, Use, and Evaluation (view)
Graven, Heather 
Fischer, Marc 
Keeling, Ralph 
Parazoo, Nicholas (Nick) 
Graven-01: Quantifying fossil and biospheric CO2 fluxes in California using ground-based and satellite observations (view)
Hagen, Stephen (Steve) Hagen-01: Operational multi-sensor design for national scale forest carbon monitoring to support REDD+ MRV systems (view)
Keller, Michael 
Duffy, Paul 
Keller-01: A data assimilation approach to quantify uncertainty for estimates of biomass stocks and changes in Amazon forests (view)
Kellndorfer, Josef 
Olofsson, Pontus 
Kellndorfer-03: Time Series Fusion of Optical and Radar Imagery for Improved Monitoring of Activity Data, and Uncertainty Analysis of Emission Factors for Estimation of Forest Carbon Flux (view)
Lauvaux, Thomas 
Butler, Martha 
Lauvaux-01: Quantification of the sensitivity of NASA CMS Flux inversions to uncertainty in atmospheric transport (view)
Morton, Douglas (Doug) 
Cook, Bruce 
Morton-02: A Joint USFS-NASA Pilot Project to Estimate Forest Carbon Stocks in Interior Alaska by Integrating Field, Airborne and Satellite Data (view)
Nehrkorn, Thomas 
DeCola, Philip (Phil) 
Hutyra, Lucy 
Miller, Charles (Chip) 
Schaaf, Crystal 
Wofsy, Steven (Steve) 
Nehrkorn-01: Prototype Monitoring, Reporting and Verification System for the Regional Scale: The Boston-DC Corridor (view)
Stehman, Stephen (Steve) Stehman-01: Developing Statistically Rigorous Sampling Design and Analysis Methods to Reduce and Quantify Uncertainties Associated with Carbon Monitoring Systems (view)
Vargas, Rodrigo 
Birdsey, Richard 
Johnson, Kristofer (Kris) 
Vargas-01: A framework for carbon monitoring and upscaling in forests across Mexico to support implementation of REDD+ (view)


18 CMS 2012 Projects (view all project profiles)

For an overview of all 2012 data & products, see CMS Data & Products Fact Sheet.

Science Team MembersProject Title   (view profile)
Andrews, Arlyn Andrews-02: North American Regional-Scale Flux Estimation and Observing System Design for the NASA Carbon Monitoring System (view)
Balch, William (Barney) Balch-03: Coccolithophores of the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas: Harbingers of a polar biogeochemical province in transition? (view)
Behrenfeld, Michael Behrenfeld-01: Characterizing the Phytoplankton Component of Oceanic Particle Assemblages (view)
Bowman, Kevin 
Brix, Holger 
Denning, Scott 
Frankenberg, Christian 
Gurney, Kevin 
Henze, Daven 
Hill, Christopher (Chris) 
Lee, Meemong 
Liu, Junjie 
Marland, Eric 
Menemenlis, Dimitris 
Bowman-01: Continuation of the Carbon Monitoring System Flux Pilot Project (view)
Cook, Bruce 
Finley, Andrew (Andy) 
Cook-B-01: Improving Forest Biomass Mapping Accuracy with Optical-LiDAR Data and Hierarchical Bayesian Spatial Models (view)
Dubayah, Ralph 
Hurtt, George 
Dubayah-03: High Resolution Carbon Monitoring and Modeling: A CMS Phase 2 Study (view)
French, Nancy 
Billmire, Michael 
Kasischke, Eric 
McKenzie, Donald (Don) 
French-04: Development of Regional Fire Emissions Products for NASA's Carbon Monitoring System using the Wildland Fire Emissions Information System (view)
Healey, Sean Healey-01: A Global Forest Biomass Inventory Based upon GLAS Lidar Data (view)
Houghton, Richard (Skee) Houghton-02: Spatially Explicit Sources and Sinks of Carbon from Deforestation, Reforestation, Growth and Degradation in the Tropics: Development of a Method and a 10 Year Data Set 2000-2010 (view)
Huntzinger, Deborah 
Fisher, Joshua 
Schwalm, Christopher 
Huntzinger-01: Reduction in Bottom-Up Land Surface CO2 Flux Uncertainty in NASA's Carbon Monitoring System Flux Project through Systematic Multi-Model Evaluation and Infrastructure Development (view)
Jacob, Daniel 
Wofsy, Steven (Steve) 
Jacob-01: Use of GOSAT, TES, and Suborbital Observations to Constrain North American Methane Emissions in the Carbon Monitoring System (view)
Kennedy, Robert 
Kane, Van 
Neeti, Neeti 
Powell, Scott 
Kennedy-01: Integrating and Expanding a Regional Carbon Monitoring System into the NASA CMS (view)
Loboda, Tatiana Loboda-02: The Forest Disturbance Carbon Tracking System -- A CMS Pilot Project (view)
Lohrenz, Steven (Steve) Lohrenz-04: Development of Observational Products and Coupled Models of Land-Ocean-Atmospheric Fluxes in the Mississippi River Watershed and Gulf of Mexico in Support of Carbon Monitoring (view)
Miller, John 
Basu, Sourish 
Miller-J-01: In Situ CO2-Based Evaluation of the Carbon Monitoring System Flux Product (view)
Pawson, Steven 
Baker, David 
Kawa, Stephan (Randy) 
Oda, Tomohiro (Tom) 
Pawson-01: GEOS-CARB: A Framework for Monitoring Carbon Concentrations and Fluxes (view)
Saatchi, Sassan 
Ganguly, Sangram 
Harris, Nancy 
Nemani, Ramakrishna (Rama) 
Saatchi-02: Prototyping MRV Systems Based on Systematic and Spatial Estimates of Carbon Stock and Stock Changes of Forestlands (view)
Shuchman, Robert (Bob) 
Fahnenstiel, Gary 
Shuchman-01: Development of New Regional Carbon Monitoring Products for the Great Lakes Using Satellite Remote Sensing Data (view)
Verdy, Ariane 
Key, Robert (Bob) 
Verdy-01: Towards a 4D-Var Approach for Estimation of Air-Sea Carbon Dioxide Fluxes (view)
West, Tristram (Tris) West-03: Estimating Global Inventory-Based Net Carbon Exchange from Agricultural Lands for Use in the NASA Flux Pilot Study (view)

CMS Phase 1 (2010-2012) (view all project profiles)

NASA Carbon Monitoring System Phase 1 Report (May 16, 2014) is released (June 27, 2014). This document summarizes the results of CMS-Phase 1 activities and is based on the written contributions from participating investigators from the Science Definintion Team, Pilot Projects, and Scoping Studies.
Leaders Project Title   (view profile)
Gunson, Michael (Mike) 
Jucks, Kenneth (Ken) 
Pawson, Steven 
Potter, Christopher 
Gunson-Pawson-Potter-01: NASA CMS Pilot Projects: Surface Carbon Fluxes (view)
Cook, Bruce 
Hall, Forrest 
Masek, Jeffrey (Jeff) 
Nemani, Ramakrishna (Rama) 
Saatchi, Sassan 
Tucker, Compton 
Masek-Nemani-Saatchi-Tucker-01: NASA CMS Pilot Projects: Biomass and Carbon Storage (view)
Balch, William (Barney) Balch-03: Coccolithophores of the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas: Harbingers of a polar biogeochemical province in transition? (view)
Behrenfeld, Michael Behrenfeld-01: Characterizing the Phytoplankton Component of Oceanic Particle Assemblages (view)
Friedrichs, Marjorie (Marjy) 
Hofmann, Eileen 
Friedrichs-01: Impacts of Changing Climate and Land Use on Carbon Cycling and Budgets of the Coastal Ocean Margin: Observations, Analysis, and Modeling (view)
Gregg, Watson Gregg-01: Ocean CO2 Flux Maps (view)
Lohrenz, Steven (Steve) Lohrenz-03: Assessing Impacts of Climate and Land Use Change on Terrestrial-Ocean Fluxes of Carbon and Nutrients and Their Cycling in Coastal Ecosystems (view)
Brown, Molly E.
Macauley, Molly
Policy, Management, and Decision Support (view)
Duren, RileyCMS System Design Study Report (view)

CMS Science Definition Team (2011-2012) (view all project profiles)

Science Definition Team Members Project Title   (view profile)
Arellano, Avelino (Ave) Arellano-01: Development of a Carbon Monitoring System from an Ensemble Coupled Data Assimilation Perspective (view)
Brown, Molly Brown-02: Developing a Framework for Evaluating CMS Pilot Products to Promote Engagement with the User Community (view)
French, Nancy French-05: Biomass Burning Assistance for NASA's Carbon Monitoring System (view)
Healey, Sean Healey-03: Assessing Potential Impacts of Ground Sample Bias in Global CMS Biomass Estimates, Now and in the DESDynI Era (view)
Houghton, Richard (Skee) Houghton-03: Biomass for Carbon Budgeting (view)
Kasischke, Eric Kasischke-04: Evaluation of Approaches for Assessing the Impacts of Natural Disturbances on Aboveground Carbon Storage in and Emissions from U.S. Forests - A Carbon Monitoring System Science Definition Team Proposal (view)
Kellndorfer, Josef Kellndorfer-04: Mapping Biomass - Past Experiences and Future Directions in Data Fusion and Product Validation (view)
Macauley-01 Macauley-01: Development and Evaluation of Pilot Projects for a Carbon Monitoring System (view)
Michalak, Anna Michalak-05: Carbon Monitoring System Science Definition Team membership proposal (Integrated Emission/Uptake Pilot Product) (view)
Shugart, Herman (Hank) Shugart-01: Carbon Monitoring (view)
Sun, Guoqing Sun-01: Proposal to be a member of the Science Definition Team for Carbon Monitoring System (CMS) (view)
Treuhaft, Robert Treuhaft-02: Data Fusion, Error Analysis, and a Global Biomass Product: Proposal for Membership on the Carbon Monitoring System Science Definition Team (view)
Woodcock, Curtis Woodcock-01: Quantifying the accuracy and uncertainty in remote sensing products of land use change: implications for carbon monitoring (view)
Xiao, Jingfeng Xiao-02: Providing Scientific and Technical Guidance to the Development and Evaluation of the Integrated Flux Pilot Product: Forcing Evaluation, Parameter Optimization, Uncertainty Assessment and Product Validation (view)