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Cook-B-01 Project Profile   (updated 03-Jan-2017)
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Project Title:Improving Forest Biomass Mapping Accuracy with Optical-LiDAR Data and Hierarchical Bayesian Spatial Models

Science Team

Bruce Cook, NASA GSFC (Project Lead)
Andrew (Andy) Finley, Michigan State University

Project Duration: 2012 - 2015
Solicitation:NASA: Carbon Monitoring System (2011)
Abstract: We propose to implement a novel approach for mapping forest biomass and associated errors using the fusion of airborne LiDAR, passive optical and thermal data and a Bayesian hierarchical model that accounts for spatial variances between ground observations and remotely sensed data. This method will be compared with the more traditional appr ... [more]
Measurement Approaches:
  • Remote Sensing
  • Airborne Sampling
  • In Situ Measurements
  • Land Biomass
Other Keywords:  LiDAR


Chad Babcock, University of Washington
Bruce Cook, NASA GSFC
Lawrence Corp, SSAI
Andrew (Andy) Finley, Michigan State University
Hank Margolis, NASA Headquarters
Jamon Van Den Hoek, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

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Project URL(s):
Product Title:  Forest biomass estimation using individual tree crown information
Spatial Extent:  Smithsonian Environmental Research Center of Maryland and Sierra Nevada Mountains (Teakettle) of California
Spatial Resolution:  Greater than or equal to 1 m (tree-scale)
Time Period:  2008-2012
Temporal Frequency:  Single point time observation
Status:  Available

Product Title:  Forest biomass maps and associated uncertainties generated with hierarchical Bayesian spatial models.
Spatial Extent:  Penobscot Experimental Forest of Maine
Spatial Resolution:  10 20 m (plot-scale)
Time Period:  2009-2012
Temporal Frequency:  Every 5 years for Maine and sampling snapshots for other sites
Status:  Archived

Publications: Finley, A. O., Banerjee, S., Zhou, Y., Cook, B. D., Babcock, C. 2017. Joint hierarchical models for sparsely sampled high-dimensional LiDAR and forest variables. Remote Sensing of Environment. 190, 149-161. DOI: 10.1016/j.rse.2016.12.004

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2015 NASA Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems Joint Science Workshop Poster(s)
  • G-LiHT: Multi-Sensor Airborne Image Data from Denali to the Yucatan   --   (Bruce Cook, Lawrence A Corp, Douglas Morton, Joel McCorkel)   [abstract]   [poster]
5th NACP All-Investigators Meeting Posters (2015):
  • Application of Airborne Remote Sensing to Define Terrestrial Ecosystem Form & Function -- (Lawrence A Corp, Bruce Cook, Elizabeth M. Middleton, Petya Krasteva Entcheva Campbell, Karl Fred Huemmrich) [abstract]
4th NACP All-Investigators Meeting Posters (2013):
  • Examining the Carbon Sequestration Potential of Recently Disturbed Trees in a Managed Northern Wisconsin Forest -- (Jamon Van Den Hoek, Bruce Cook, Jeffrey Masek, Robert E Kennedy, Compton Tucker) [abstract]   [poster]
2013 NASA Terrestrial Ecology Science Team Meeting Poster(s)
  • Lidar derived canopy height models of Harvard Forest   --   (Ian Paynter, Edward Saenz, Xiaoyuan Yang, Yan Liu, Zhuosen Wang, Crystal Schaaf, Zhan Li, Alan Strahler, Bruce Cook, Keith Krause, Nathan Leisso, Courtney Meier, Darius Culvenor, Glenn Newnham, David Jupp, Jenny Lovell, Ewan Douglas, Jason Martel, Supriya Chakrabarti, Timothy Cook, Glenn Howe, Kuravi Hewawasam, Jeffrey Thomas, Jihyun Kim, Shabnam Rouhani, Yun Yang, Nima Pahlevan, Qingsong Sun, Francesco Peri, Angela Erb)   [abstract]
  • G-LiHT: Goddard’s LiDAR, Hyperspectral and Thermal Airborne Imager   --   (Bruce Cook, Lawrence Corp, Ross Nelson, Douglas Morton, Kenneth J Ranson, Jeffery Masek, Elizabeth Middleton)   [abstract]

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