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Jacob-01 Project Profile   (updated 25-Oct-2016)
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Project Title:Use of GOSAT, TES, and Suborbital Observations to Constrain North American Methane Emissions in the Carbon Monitoring System

Science Team

Daniel Jacob, Harvard University (Project Lead)
Steven (Steve) Wofsy, Harvard University

Project Duration: 2012 - 2014
Solicitation:NASA: Carbon Monitoring System (2011)
Abstract: We propose to contribute to the NASA Carbon Monitoring System (CMS) with a fourdimensional variational (4D-var) inverse modeling capability for methane emissions in North America integrating satellite (GOSAT, TES), aircraft (CalNex, HIPPO, NOAA/CCGG), and surface-based (TCCON, NOAA/CCGG) observations. Our work will build on the existing CMS ... [more]
  • Atmospheric Transport
  • Land-Atmosphere Flux
  • Decision Support


Jonathan Franklin, Harvard University
Daniel Jacob, Harvard University
Joannes Maasakkers, Harvard University
Vivienne Payne, JPL/Caltech
Alexander Turner, Harvard University
Kevin Wecht, Oxford Street Consultants
Steven (Steve) Wofsy, Harvard University

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Project URL(s): None provided.
Product Title:  Carbon Monitoring System (CMS) Methane (CH4) Flux for North America 0.5 degree x 0.667 degree V1
Spatial Extent:  North America
Spatial Resolution:  1/2 x 2/3; (~50km x 50km)
Time Period:  2009 - present
Temporal Frequency:  Monthly
Status:  Archived

Publications: Wecht, K. J., Jacob, D. J., Sulprizio, M. P., Santoni, G. W., Wofsy, S. C., Parker, R., Bosch, H., Worden, J. 2014. Spatially resolving methane emissions in California: constraints from the CalNex aircraft campaign and from present (GOSAT, TES) and future (TROPOMI, geostationary) satellite observations. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 14(15), 8173-8184. DOI: 10.5194/acp-14-8173-2014

Wecht, K. J., Jacob, D. J., Frankenberg, C., Jiang, Z., Blake, D. R. 2014. Mapping of North American methane emissions with high spatial resolution by inversion of SCIAMACHY satellite data. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. 119(12), 7741-7756. DOI: 10.1002/2014JD021551

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