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Shuchman-01 Project Profile   (updated 18-Nov-2016)
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Project Title:Development of New Regional Carbon Monitoring Products for the Great Lakes Using Satellite Remote Sensing Data

Science Team

Robert (Bob) Shuchman, Michigan Technological University (Project Lead)
Gary Fahnenstiel, Michigan Technological University

Project Duration: 2012 - 2014
Solicitation:NASA: Carbon Monitoring System (2011)
Abstract: The Great Lakes represent approximately 20% of Earth's surface freshwater and are the largest surface area of freshwater on the planet. Understanding the magnitude of the contribution that the Great Lakes make to Earth's carbon budget is important to regional, national, and international carbon monitoring efforts. Quantifying the annual carbon fixa ... [more]
  • Lake Biomass
  • Ocean Biomass
  • Ocean-Atmosphere Flux


Gary Fahnenstiel, Michigan Technological University
Robert (Bob) Shuchman, Michigan Technological University

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Product Title:  Lake-wide primary production estimates for all five Great Lakes in the U.S.
Spatial Extent:  Laurentian Great Lakes
Spatial Resolution:  1 km
Time Period:  2002-2014
Temporal Frequency:  Annually time series for Lakes Michigan, Superior, and Huron: 2002-2014; ; Monthly seasonal analysis for upper three Lakes: only 2011
Status:  Available

Publications: Fahnenstiel, G. L., Sayers, M. J., Shuchman, R. A., Yousef, F., Pothoven, S. A. 2016. Lake-wide phytoplankton production and abundance in the Upper Great Lakes: 2010-2013. Journal of Great Lakes Research. 42(3), 619-629. DOI: 10.1016/j.jglr.2016.02.004

Yousef, F., Charles Kerfoot, W., Shuchman, R., Fahnenstiel, G. 2014. Bio-optical properties and primary production of Lake Michigan: Insights from 13-years of SeaWiFS imagery. Journal of Great Lakes Research. 40(2), 317-324. DOI: 10.1016/j.jglr.2014.02.018

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