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Healey-01 Project Profile   (updated 13-Apr-2015)
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Project Title:A Global Forest Biomass Inventory Based upon GLAS Lidar Data

Science Team

Sean Healey, USDA Forest Service (Project Lead)

Project Duration: 2012 - 2014
Solicitation:NASA: Carbon Monitoring System (2011)
Abstract: The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) compiles and monitors national-level biomass estimates across the world s forests through the Global Forest Resources Assessment (FRA). FRA reports represent the current state of knowledge regarding key forest parameters as expressed by national forest agencies and ministries worldw ... [more]
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  • MRV


Sean Healey, USDA Forest Service

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Project URL(s): None provided.
Product Title:  Associated standard errors.
Spatial Extent:  Global
Spatial Resolution:  
Time Period:  2004-2008
Temporal Frequency:  
Status:  Archived

Product Title:  Statistical estimates -- derived consistently across countries and with well-defined confidence intervals -- of country-level mean forest biomass values and mean canopy height.
Spatial Extent:  Global
Spatial Resolution:  230 x 230-meters
Time Period:  2004-2008
Temporal Frequency:  One time estimates
Status:  Archived

Publications: Healey, S. P., Patterson, P. L., Saatchi, S., Lefsky, M. A., Lister, A. J., Freeman, E. A. 2012. A sample design for globally consistent biomass estimation using lidar data from the Geoscience Laser Altimeter System (GLAS). Carbon Balance and Management. 7(1), 10. DOI: 10.1186/1750-0680-7-10

2015 NASA Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems Joint Science Workshop Poster(s)
  • The New Forest Carbon Accounting Framework of the US and NASA Carbon Cycle Science: Identifying Concomitant Knowledge Gaps and Research Opportunities   --   (Sean P Healey, Christopher W. Woodall, Grant M Domke, John Coulston, Brian F Walters, James A Smith, Andy Gray)   [abstract]
2013 NASA Terrestrial Ecology Science Team Meeting Poster(s)
  • The Global Forest Biomass Inventory   --   (Sean P Healey, Erik Lindquist, Paul Patterson, Sassan Saatchi, Michael Lefsky, Michael Hernandez, Alicia Peduzzi)   [abstract]

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