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Xiao-02 Project Profile   (updated 18-Mar-2014)
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Project Title:Providing Scientific and Technical Guidance to the Development and Evaluation of the Integrated Flux Pilot Product: Forcing Evaluation, Parameter Optimization, Uncertainty Assessment and Product Validation

Project Leader(s):

Jingfeng Xiao, University of New Hampshire

Project Duration: 2011 - 2012
Solicitation:NASA: Science Definition Team for Carbon Monitoring System (2010)
Abstract: More accurate quantification of net carbon dioxide exchange over regions, continents, or the globe can improve our understanding of the feedbacks between the terrestrial biosphere and the atmosphere in the context of global change and facilitate climate policy-making. The development of a benchmark carbon flux product using NASA's state-of-the-art ... [more]


Jingfeng Xiao, University of New Hampshire

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