NASA Carbon Monitoring System Phase 2 Report (2022)

This document provides a synthesis of 'Phase 2' activities (2011-2019), addressing scope, findings, gaps and recommended next steps.

NASA Carbon Monitoring System Prototype Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification: Progress Report and Future Plans (2014)

This report summarizes progress to date within the Carbon Monitoring System (CMS) project and describes NASA’s longer-term strategy for CMS work and its vision regarding the NASA’s role in Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV).

NASA Carbon Monitoring System Phase 1 Report (2014)

This document summarizes the results of CMS-Phase 1 activities and is based on the written contributions from participating investigators from the Science Definition Team, Pilot Projects, and Scoping Studies.

NASA Carbon Monitoring System Scoping Study Workshop Final Report (2010)

This report summarizes the recommendations from the 1st Carbon Monitoring System Scoping Study workshop held on July 13-14, 2010 in Boulder, Colorado. Experts in carbon and Earth observation and familiar with the NASA Earth Science Division participated in the workshop and provided the content for this report.


CMS Phase 3 Highlights (2021)

George Hurtt

CMS Phase 2 Highlights (2019)

George Hurtt

A Tale of 3 Continents, Carbon Response to the 2015-2016 El Nino (2017)

Kevin Bowman

Measuring Mangroves from Space: No More Swamp Feet (2017)

David Lagomasino

High Resolution Forest Carbon Monitoring and Modeling Prototype (2016)

George Hurtt

Observing Methane Emissions from Space (2016)

Daniel Jacob

Global Carbon Dioxide Fluxes and Atmospheric Concentrations (2016)

Lesley Ott