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CMS Integrated Emission/Uptake (Flux) Pilot

Flux iconThe Flux Pilot combined satellite data with modeled atmospheric transport initiated by observationally-constrained terrestrial and oceanic models to tie the atmospheric observations to surface exchange processes. The results will be used to estimate the atmosphere-biosphere CO2 exchange processes to meaningful quantities for carbon cycle science (and policy). This effort includes bottom-up flux estimates over land and ocean, atmospheric forward modeling (fluxes to concentrations), and atmospheric inversions for land biosphere fluxes. These products are produced at NASA Centers (i.e., Goddard Space Flight Center, Ames Research Center, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory) working in close coordination. The initial products of the Flux Pilot are data which will improve quantitative estimate of the integrated emission/uptake of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), by providing data with known accuracies. As products are developed, the process will increase understanding of the science, processes and potential applications which should lead to future products of increasing usefulness.

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