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CMS Hyperwall Presentations

  • The small version of each PPT contains slides with still images and an external link to each video.
  • The large version of each PPT contains slides with each video embedded.
  • The original file location is available for each presentation, where you can download additional image sizes and videos with a different resolution.
CMS Investigators:
  1. Notify George Hurtt (ST Leader) and Peter Griffith (CCEO Leader) by email of your intent to develop hyperwall content.
    • Everything you need to know to get started making your own Hyperwall presentation is under “Preparing Hyperwall Content” here.
    • Use this template for your title slide >>
  2. Send your draft presentations to George Hurtt and Peter Griffith for review. Please allow time for review, revision, and regeneration of Hyperwall content in advance of your event.

George Hurtt

CMS Phase 3 Highlights (2021)

George Hurtt

CMS Phase 2 Highlights (2019)

Kevin Bowman

A Tale of 3 Continents, Carbon Response to the 2015-2016 El Nino (2017)

Download mp4 (447.7 MB)

David Lagomasino

Measuring Mangroves from Space: No More Swamp Feet (2017)

George Hurtt

High Resolution Forest Carbon Monitoring and Modeling Prototype (2016)

Daniel Jacob

Observing Methane Emissions from Space (2016)


Lesley Ott

Global Carbon Dioxide Fluxes and Atmospheric Concentrations (2016)

Original file locations are in the "Notes" section of each slide.