CMS Meeting 2019

Location & Dates
November 12–14, 2019
Scripps Seaside Forum
La Jolla, CA

The meeting was 3 full days.
Who Attended?
Day 1: CMS Stakeholders and Science Team Members
Day 2: CMS Science Team
Day 3: CMS Science Team

At least one representative from the 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2018 solicitations.
Code of Conduct and Scientific Integrity
NASA HQ leadership and the staff of the Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems Office are committed to providing safe, welcoming, and productive environments in the field and the lab, and at meetings and conferences, and have adopted the American Geophysical Union Meetings Code of Conduct. This Code includes information on:
  • Expected behavior
  • Unacceptable behavior
  • Consequences

If you have any concerns or need an ally contact Peter Griffith, Libby Larson, or Megan McGroddy.

To formally file a complaint with NASA, consult Harassment and Discrimination Reporting for NASA Employees, Contractors and Grantee Beneficiaries.