CMS Meeting 2019
Registration is OPEN
Registration Deadline: Jan 22
Science Team Member, Management, and Invited Data Partners
Stakeholder Registration for Applications Workshop (Day 1). Stakeholders are welcome to stay for the entire meeting.
  • If you are a Science Team Member there is no need to complete this separate registration below.
  • Please direct questions to
NASA Conference Tracking System (NCTS)

NASA Civil Servants & Contractors, and JPL Employees MUST REGISTER with NCTS, even if you are local.

Deadline: January 11, 2019
JPL Deadline: December 14, 2019

NASA Civil Servants and Contractors:

  • NCTS WEB SITE: (through NASA launchpad)
    • NCTS number: 36320-19
    • Meeting name: NASA Carbon Monitoring System Science Team Meeting and Applications Workshop
  • Please accurately complete the justification including all reasons for attendance (presenting paper, chairing session, etc).
  • Ask your travel coordinator if you have any questions about filling out the NCTS form.

JPL Participants:

  • Please enter your forecast into the JPL UFO conference travel website by Dec. 14, 2018. If unable to do so, please email for NCTS Registration.

    ***Late registration requires explanation***