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Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Applications Using LiDAR Data: The Big PictureSeptember 25
Better Forest Management Decisions Using LiDAR Products

About Our Speakers


Christine Conn is the Director of Integrated Policy and Review Unit at Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR). She focuses on developing land conservation priorities and scorecards through GreenPrint, communicating conservation and restoration priorities through GIS interactive mapping solutions and targeted outreach to local governments and sister state agencies, and developing approaches to more fully integrate ecosystem service values in decision frameworks.


Rob Feldt received a BS in Forestry from Virginia Tech in 2004 and a Master of Forestry in 2006. He has worked with the Maryland Forest Service since 2004 and has been working with its Forest Resource Planning section since 2008. Recent projects have involved writing an assessment of Maryland’s forests, assisting the DNR Marcellus Shale review team on forestry issues, mapping riparian forest buffers, and various other mapping projects. He is currently serving as the Chair of the Maryland/Delaware Division of the Society of American Foresters and the Database Chair for the Maryland Tree Farm Committee.

About the Talk

APPLICATIONS: The LiDAR technology poses numerous opportunities for accurate and precise data collection that can help Maryland DNR set, progress, and evaluate its environmental policy goals. From shoreline mapping and change analysis to ecological restoration, we will discuss how the Maryland DNR seeks to incorporate Lidar data at its programmatic and policy-level decisions.

FOREST: The potential for LiDAR to influence forest management decisions is well known, but mostly utilized only locally. Recently acquired LiDAR products for the entire State of Maryland offer unprecedented accuracy and precision at the statewide level. We will discuss how these new data products can help us make forest management decisions, how we proceed in a tight budget environment, how LiDAR may help answer other natural resource problems, and what the future of LiDAR in natural resource management could look like.


PDF of slides - Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Applications Using LiDAR Data: The Big Picture

PDF of slides - Better Forest Management Decisions Using LiDAR Products


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This talk was held at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on September 25, 2014, as part of the Carbon Monitoring System Applications Policy Speaker Series.

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