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Carbon Monitoring System Science Team Membership

NASA has established a Carbon Monitoring System Science Team that includes members from all active NASA CMS investigations. The CMS Science Team is responsible for providing broad research community involvement in the development and evaluation of NASA CMS products; coordinating their NASA-funded CMS activities to ensure maximum science, management, and policy return; and providing scientific, technical, and policy-relevant inputs to help identify potential future research topics for NASA CMS activities. As current projects are completed, their Principal Investigators (PIs) and any additional appointed science team members will rotate off the CMS Science Team and be replaced by the newly selected PIs and additional science team members.

Benefits to Science Team Members

  • Invited to participate in monthly telecons
  • Invited to attend Yearly Science Team Meetings
  • Expected to join and participate in Working Groups [How to Join]

About Science Team Selection:

  • All PIs of selected proposals are automatically CMS Science Team members.
  • Proposals submitted to the CMS NRA must request CMS Science Team membership for one or more key investigators and include one to two paragraphs describing the contributions they anticipate making to the activities of the CMS Science Team. This section addresses one or more of the following:
    • Representing concerns of the broad carbon monitoring community with respect to the nature, quality, and utility of existing or new NASA CMS products;
    • Coordinating their CMS activities to ensure maximum returns and enhance or create complementarity, integration, and synergy;
    • Providing important perspectives on product development, implementation, and evaluation;
    • Providing insights on the relative merits of alternative approaches and products;
    • Making connections to ongoing and newly developing activities with similar and/or complementary objectives being undertaken by other entities, especially other U.S. agencies; and/or providing scientific, technical, and policy-relevant inputs to help set priorities and directions for future NASA CMS activities, including with existing working groups within CMS.

How to request to add a Science Team Member after proposal selection:

If you wish to nominate a Science Team Member who was not explicitly named in your proposal, NASA headquarters must approve your nomination.
  • Send to the Science Team Lead (George Hurtt, cc: Valeria Morales)
    1) their name(s),
    2) a brief explanation of your request that addresses one or more of the above items,
    3) the working group(s) the nominee will join and actively participate in, and
    4) a CV of the nominee(s).
  • Following review by the Science Team Lead, the nomination will be forwarded to NASA HQ for final review and approval. This process may take up to 2 weeks.