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CMS Science Definition Team

SDT iconThe CMS Science Definition Team (SDT) was selected March 10, 2011 for the NASA Research Announcement "Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences (ROSES) 2010" (NNH10ZDA001N).

CMS SDT Participants

Participant Project Title Biomass
Arellano, Avelino
The University of
Development of a Carbon Monitoring System from an Ensemble Coupled Data Assimilation Perspective  details
Brown, Molly
Developing a Framework for Evaluating CMS Pilot Products to Promote Engagement with the User Community  details
 X   X 
French, Nancy
Michigan Tech
Research Institute
Biomass Burning Assistance for NASAs Carbon Monitoring System  details

Healey, Sean
USDA Forest Service
Assessing Potential Impacts of Ground Sample Bias in Global CMS Biomass Estimates, Now and in the DESDynI Era  details
Houghton, Richard
The Woods Hole Research Center
Biomass for Carbon Budgeting  details


Kasischke, Eric
University of Maryland
Evaluation of Approaches for Assessing the Impacts of Natural Disturbances on Aboveground Carbon Storage in and Emissions from U.S. Forests ¿ A Carbon Monitoring System Science Definition Team Proposal  details
Kellndorfer, Josef
Woods Hole Research Center
Mapping Biomass - Past Experiences and Future Directions in Data Fusion and Product Validation  details
Macauley, Molly
Resources for the Future
Development and Evaluation of Pilot Projects for a Carbon Monitoring System  details
 X   X 
Michalak, Anna
Stanford University
Carbon Monitoring System Science Definition Team membership proposal for Anna M. Michalak (Integrated Emission/Uptake Pilot Product)  details
Shugart, Hank
University of Virginia
Carbon Monitoring  details
 X   X 
Sun, Guoqing
Proposal to be a member of the Science Definition Team for Carbon Monitoring System (CMS)  details
Treuhaft, Robert
JPL, California Institute of Technology
Data Fusion, Error Analysis, and a Global Biomass Product: Proposal for Membership on the Carbon Monitoring System Science Definition Team  details
Woodcock, Curtis
Boston University
Quantifying the accuracy and uncertainty in remote sensing products of land use change: implications for carbon monitoring  details
 X   X 
Xiao, Jingfeng
University of New Hampshire
Providing Scientific and Technical Guidance to the Development and Evaluation of the Integrated Flux Pilot Product: Forcing Evaluation, Parameter Optimization, Uncertainty Assessment and Product Validation  details